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Felicity Laws, Brittany

“There are more than enough quotes on leadership in the world already so I don’t intend to add to them but if there has ever been a case in point that good leadership is the secret of everything then it is Polventon. Greg Underwood it is true has the advantage of following in his father’s most delightful footsteps but like all footsteps they can be obliterated if not replenished;  in this case he has not only filled the prints but enhanced them with his own particular attributes.


My contact with my mother in recent years has been by skype, whenever I asked to speak to her Greg said yes, certainly I’ll go and collect her – and went himself.  She lost almost all language except body language and it was incredibly heartwarming to see her walking slowly in holding tight to his hand, the one reliable thing in a world which had ceased to register with her. During my chattering to her there were two foci of her attention:  Olive the labrador pup and Greg; and when she wanted to leave she reached for his hand again - it was already held out to her.


Things were not always easy, a hospital visit in January 2014 took away mum’s mobility and with it much of her quality of life; I can only applaud the efforts of everyone at Polventon to encourage her to make the most of what she left.  Ultimately she gave up the struggle but was permitted to choose her own time and manner of departure. Could any of us ask for more?”

Customer testimonials

two ladies sat on the Polventon House patio; one smelling a flower.

Paul Vermette

“I’m a music facilitator and visit many homes throughout Cornwall and have to say Polventon House is up there with the best of them, I would definitely recommend it!”

Peter Banner

“ I have a relative as a guest of Polventon and I can think of nowhere else that would give such consistent and kindly care. The management and staff work together in such a harmonious way, to create a wonderful atmosphere where the residents needs are always at the highest priority. Well done!”

Helen (Heil) - aka Nina's daughter

“Hello Greg, Pam and all the staff,


Just about getting to the stage where I can talk about Mum.


I wanted to thank you all so much for your wonderful care of Mum all through the long years she was with you.  Right to the end you put your all into making her comfortable and happy, and every time I arrived she was dressed beautifully and tastefully, and always in immaculately clean clothes.  Her hair was always clean and styled and her nails cared for - so important to make a girl feel good!  


No one could have asked for better care for their relative, and no matter how hard it got at the end you never let her down.  Thank you all so much!  Words can never express my gratitude, and many of you became my friends over the years you looked after Mum.  I will never cease to be grateful for all you did for her over the years.


I do wish you all, and of course the home, all the best in the future.  I shall NOT miss the horrific bus trips down to St Keverne but I shall most certainly miss all of you.”

Debbie and Michael xx

"Dear Greg and your amazing team,


Words are hard to find to express our gratitude to you all, for the care, compassion, and respect that was given to Dad in the 11 months that he was with you. He was indeed a lucky man to end up at Polventon after a horrendous 13 weeks in hospital. I think we all thought he had come to you to die. Obviously we were all wrong, he came to you live. It was like a light being switched back on even after only a couple of hours there. Never a day went by, whether while talking to him on the phone or on one of our visits, that he didn’t tell us how lucky he was and how wonderful it was there. If Michael and I had had the job of finding a home for him, we couldn’t have found anywhere better, even if we had searched the length and breadth of Cornwall.

So a massive THANK YOU to you all.


With our utmost gratitude love and best wishes."


Neil Carpenter

"I just wanted to put on record how grateful I am for the care Mum received while she was at Polventon. Her carers gave such individual and cheerful attention and it was great that we could turn up at any time to see Mum. The quality of the food was always superb (Mum ate more at Polventon than she ever did at home) and we fully appreciate that Mum’s needs exceeded by a long way what would be “normal” in a residential home – but, as ever, you and your staff put Mum’s needs before your own convenience.


Thanks yet again."

Gina and Steve  

"Just a note to say thank you very much for looking after Mother so well and getting her into hospital. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate it. I couldn't look after both Steve and Mother and don't know what I would do if she wasn't up there with you, especially as I know she's looked after so well. I do hope she'll be able to stay up with you for as long as she can. I know she's looking forward to celebrating her 100th birthday there with all of you.

Once again, thank you all very much for everything.


Best wishes."


Faith and Friendship


I came to Polventon on a Wednesday determined I was not going to stay or was not what I had expected and I wished myself miles away.I was met at the door by a lady of age, well, about three score.


She looked at me, I looked at her and together we walked gracefully along the carpeted floor,

I noticed she was not dressed in black, neither did she wear the witches hat. She had a good figure I must say, to the right, nor left, she did not sway she stood up right all the way.


Leading me to a comfort chair assuming me I would be happy there, off she went, but soon was back with a cup of tea and down she sat, Placing hands upon her lap, She started up a friendly chat. I began to wonder what she was up to, In this big room with only two.


I have heard funny thing happening before, Where people were given potions then knew no more,

I thought what has she put in my tea?I will taste it but even then I can’t see, I began to drink it tasted all right, It must be just me I’m suffering from fright, Now if I stay still, I’m determined I will,

Then there will be no teas on for wands to spill, She finished her chat don’t know what it was about,

Because I was looking for an escape route out.


That dear good soul looked innocent enough, I expect she keeps going on a pinch of snuff,

She don’t need the hat, nor the lucky black cat, She has not got the figure for that, Her head is not big and the feet quite small, She must be the lady in charge of us all, Fear and courage, faith and doubt, Whatever was I worrying about.


Its matron, sister, Christine and friend, It is upon her we all depend, These titles are hers which she has earned, By devotion, dedication, kindness and love, Good health bestowed upon her from heaven above, When the time comes to say goodbye, Polventon will not have one dry eye.